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Author Business Plan

Looking for a more “writer-friendly” planning process? You're in luck! I’ve designed a business plan framework with the creative entrepreneur in mind.

Author Brand Strategy

Pull together the visual, written, and in-person brand elements that support your brand story, the needs of your readers, and your personal objectives for your writing career.

Audience Building

The more you know about your readers, the more effective your sales and marketing efforts will be. It’s worth the effort to find out: who they are, what books they buy, and why they buy what they do.

Author Website

Whether you are just starting your writing journey, or have been in the business for a while, having a professional and effective author website is essential.

Launch Planning

Carefully preparing, timing, and executing just the right mix of launch activities to propel your new book out into the world is no simple task. Leverage your launch to create momentum for your book.

Marketing + Promotion

Create your marketing plan-of-action by bringing together your target audience, your author brand, your market research, and your content strategy (including your promotions and launch plans).

helpful + actionable guides

If you’re looking for a quick way to get started, consider grabbing one (or all!) of my free guides. Each is packed with helpful info and resources to get you quickly moving in the right direction.

Courses for Authors

PREMIUM online courses

Learn proven concepts and strategies to grow your author brand and business at a time, place, and pace that works for you. More courses are in the works, so whether it’s now or later, I look forward to seeing you inside!

TARGETED one-on-one consulting

Let’s work together to build momentum, enthusiasm, and a thriving audience around your work. If you’re looking for help on a specific project or problem, I have limited spots available for targeted, one-hour consulting sessions to help you discover strategies and resources to work through your specific problem.

Consulting with Kimberley Grabas
Video Workshops and Training


Free videos with in-depth strategy and skills training for authors. Videos and free workshops are among my favourite ways to train authors on important concepts and skills for their writing business.


It was such a pleasure talking with you and receiving your excellent advice. You clarified my focus in such a helpful way, that I look forward to thinking through my "brand" and moulding it to better represent me.
Donna Murray
Author of "For Better or Worse", A Ginger Barnes Mystery
Thank you for all your hard work and the beautiful products you create. Truly, they are inspiring to me as an author-hopeful and as a creator of educational resources. Your quality of work, both physical quality and the quality of your content, is what I aspire to create in all my products.
Cathleen Elise Rossiter

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"I feel like I've achieved my first 'ground-breaking step' in the marketing world. I'm absolutely grateful for the help you've given me in all parts of my journey."
Abby Arthur
Author of "Twins of Shadow"