Marketing & Promotion

Create your marketing plan of action by bringing together your target audience, your author brand, your market research, and your content strategy (including your promotions and launches).

Marketing & Promotion

Building your author platform is a must-do for anyone wanting to become a successful author. It is vital for authors to lay a proper foundation first. Marketing and promotional strategies are incorporated after, because only after you’ve nailed down some basic business fundamentals can you successfully implement the tactics.

Take inventory of your current assets — your skills, people, or any other resources — and determine what else you may need in your corner to accomplish your mission and the vision you set out for your writing career. Then use the guidance below to build your marketing plan of action.


An Essential Guide to Marketing Your Book

Book Marketing 101: The Crucial Basics of Promoting Your Book

As a keynote speaker at the Children’s Book Mastery annual conference, I was interviewed about the crucial basics of promoting your book by illustrator and award-winning creative director, Karen Ferreira. We explored the following:

What mindset should authors adopt when promoting their book? What are the most crucial elements of promoting your book? What are some creative and unusual ways to promote your book? How can authors come up with their own marketing ideas? And how can an author create a promo kit for themselves?

Because book promotion is such an important – but challenging – topic, I’ve created a free guide answering these questions.


A Course to Guide
You Through the Process

Author Marketing Playbook [COURSE + PLANNER]

Marketing takes planning, organization, and consistent action; it definitely takes some work. But the good news is that marketing is also about fostering connections and relationships, which can be rewarding to both you and your fan base.

And since you’re the one who knows your book from cover to cover, your backstory, your reasons for writing it, and who your ideal reader is, it’s up to you to put a plan in place that best connects with your intended audience.

A book marketing strategy is an essential key to success. In Author Marketing Playbook, we’ll cover all the best marketing and promotional strategies that are working right now for authors, plus you’ll get a marketing planner + guide to ensure you stay on track.

Author Marketing Playbook Course + Guide | YourWriterPlatform.com


Additional tutorials and case studies to help you develop your marketing & promotional strategies.

A Business Planner Designed for Authors

Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers

If you’re struggling to build your platform AND still find time to write (without pulling your hair out), I want to introduce you to my secret weapon: Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers.

It’s everything you need to discover, plan and execute your writing and business goals – so you can finally remove the word “aspiring” from all your profiles. This complete author business workbook + planning system is designed to specifically address the needs of writers working to build their platforms and author businesses – everything from tracking daily word counts and book sales, to strategic marketing, launch planning, and developing your author brand.

It’s a complete productivity + planning system for your author business.

"As a writer starting her own publishing business, money is precious, so I try to be careful and selective about what I pay for. It's nice to strike gold every once in a while! This planner is giving me real hope that I can figure this out.
Urban Fantasy Author