Author Brand Strategy

Pull together the visual, written and in-person brand elements that support your brand story, the needs of your readers, and your personal objectives for your writing career.

Author Brand Strategy

It’s not enough just to be good at what you write. You need to be able to create an emotional connection with your reader – often before they’ve had a chance to read your book. How you position your work, how you distinguish yourself from others in your field or genre, as well as how all your efforts are perceived or interpreted by your readers, can be the difference between a brand that’s fab, or one that fizzles.


An Essential Guide to Brand Strategy

Author Brand Strategy Scorecard

It’s hard to overstate the value of a strong author brand. Beyond its immediate impact on building a strong platform and community around your writing, strengthening your brand maximizes your reach, your engagement, and your book sales over the long run. And when your brand is cohesive and well-articulated, your marketing initiatives will be too. 

Use this Author Brand Scorecard to evaluate your current author brand strategy (or lack thereof).


Courses to Guide
You Through the Process

Define and Build your Author Brand (And Why You Need To)

Whether you’re actively building your personal brand or not, it’s happening. So, why not be deliberate in shaping the direction it takes?

Your brand doesn’t have to feel cheesy, packaged, or restrictive. In fact, if you’re purposeful in your brand planning from the beginning – even before you publish your first book – you can frame yourself and your work in a way that is satisfying to both you and your future readership.

In this video training, you’ll learn about ‘brand storytelling’, as well as two important branding fundamentals: brand identity and brand awareness.

Brand Strategy for Authors [COURSE]

Building an author brand is not about logos, colours, or fonts; it’s about influencing the perceptions of readers to make you and your writing stand out. The only way to do that successfully is by developing a brand strategy.

Effective branding is foundational to the development of your writer platform and audience-building efforts. The author who can tap into what their readers yearn for – and construct an entire experience around what they crave – is the author that earns the devoted fan base.

If you want to build brand strategies that connect with readers (and grow your author business) then this in-depth brand strategy course will show you how.


Additional tutorials and case studies to help you develop your author brand.

A Business Planner Designed for Authors

Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers

If you’re struggling to build your platform AND still find time to write (without pulling your hair out), I want to introduce you to my secret weapon: Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers.

It’s everything you need to discover, plan and execute your writing and business goals – so you can finally remove the word “aspiring” from all your profiles. This complete author business workbook + planning system is designed to specifically address the needs of writers working to build their platforms and author businesses – everything from tracking daily word counts and book sales, to strategic marketing, launch planning, and developing your author brand.

It’s a complete productivity + planning system for your author business.

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